Hi, nice to meet you!
This is Place, a character-based design studio. We are passionate about creating and bringing it all to life, and to the same extent, we foster and encourage stories.

Everyday, we instill love for the most beautiful creations.


Each project is a unique adventure, that is why we face it with all the care such experience deserves. This is the process behind any creative task, a “step-by-step” approach.


Above all, we think. We know it seems a simple task. But this is the only way we can analyze and offer the best strategic path to follow. We devise, conceptualize and imagine with our best the direction that will lead your project to success We wonder about the audience, their values and needs. We fancy stories to tell them and we figure out the design aesthetic approach which they will acknowledge better. The famous quote "Cogito ergo sum" by Descartes is continuously exercised by a pencil sketching both in our minds and sheets.


We are very passionate about giving birth to different projects, that is our best feature. We design aiming at novelty, polishing details, obsessed to the inch. We create with love. Animation which gives life is our daily challenge. Only then can we achieve the best results, to make your business project outstand.


We thoroughly check that the project is unbeatable, until the very last step. We validate compliance with the objective that we had agreed upon at the first stage of the project. It is only then when we get the feeling that the trust we were granted to create and direct the project is honoured. Relying on us is an appropriate decision from beginning to end, and we devote ourselves to keep it to the terms until delivering the project and then. This is our mission.


Every great project is achieved with a great solid teamwork: you & us. This is how we organize our skills internally.

Creative Director, Founder

The responsible for creating the difference, pushing ideas to the limit and proposing something new, by yesterday!. His job is to give a clear message, with design and creativity as main tools, prioritizing, nevertheless, the marketing goals of a project. On the right corner: Eloy, a Characterful Creature Creator.

Executive Producer & PM

He manages and organizes projects, monitoring the flow and communication among all the people involved in a project to simplify everyone's tasks. He is always attentive to everything within the supervision line.

Animation Director

There is a person capable of giving life to whatever he wants. He makes a simple stone dance or the universe laugh. A true magician of digital bones and invisible frames who produces the most beautiful animated scenes. Call him Mr. Julius Caesar, the Keyframes Wizard!

Design & Illustration

The sweetest illustrations, the special touch, the funny colors. Blank pages fear her, she is their worst nightmare. Guess what she is doing now? Drawing! Call her Laura, the Pencil Domesticator.

Press & Awards

We have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s biggest companies and brands at an international level. They have given us more than we the expected, and beyond. Additionally, many projects we have been part of were featured in many magazines and publications.

  • Nickelodeon
  • Nike
  • Oreo
  • Scouts
  • DirecTV
  • BBC
  • Toyota
  • Mtv
  • Story-telling
  • Creative strategy
  • Character design
  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Motion & Stop Motion
  • Illustration
  • Toy design